Come and visit Pasta Al Dente at 18 Assembly Drive Tullamarine.
Here you’ll find our full range of Pasta Al Dente products, exquisite continental deli selections featuring local and imported products, extensive range of party foods including frozen seafood, pastizzi, fingerfoods, frozen berries and more. While browsing through our shop full of goodies, if you begin to feel a little peckish, be sure to check out the hot food range available for purchase and eat in our seating area.
The Pasta Al Dente factory outlet is open 7 days a week:
Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm
Saturday 7am to 4pm
Sunday 7am to 2pm
We hope to see you soon!
Fresh Section: Browse through a large variety of fresh unfilled pastas, heat & eat meals and sauces, gourmet pizzas and a selection of cold meats and dips.
Frozen Section: Here you will find over 50 lines of frozen filled pasta, handmade Italian foods such as arancini, rice balls, meat balls, potato croquettes, delicious lasagna, cannelloni, a great selection of finger foods and seafood.
Grocery Lines: Browse through the range of local & imported dry pastas, bottled sauces, oils, vinegars, tuna, biscuits and much more.
Freshly Baked Bread: Our bread is baked fresh daily on the premises and includes a scrumptious selection including: Wood Oven bread with or without olives, Ciabatta loaves and rolls, Turkish slabs and rolls, sliced bread, shell rolls, knot rolls, hamburger rolls, hot dog rolls, baby dinner rolls, baby hamburger rolls, baby Turkish rolls, mixed danishes, pizza rolls, vegemite scrolls and much more.
Continental Deli: Don’t forget to check out our continental deli, full of delicious meats, cheeses, antipasti and more. Our experienced deli staff are only too happy to assist to ensure you select the product right for you.
Hot Food Corner: Cooked daily for customers to purchase and enjoy while shopping are a selection of foods which can also be purchased in our store to cook at home for the family. Foods include gourmet pizzas, rice balls, potato croquettes, chicken schnitzel, crispelle and so much more.

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